Friday, July 25, 2008

Homework is done! However...

it took me about double the time at home that it would have taken me at Summer camp. I have actually more room to work at home than at camp, but there is one small issue of a grey furry thing that tries to help me. I have to be very careful because she loves to lie on the fabric I'm sewing, though she is good not to put her paws near the needle of the machine.
She loves to be on the cutting table especially when I'm laying out fabric to put a pattern on. I have to lock her outside of the room when I'm cutting a patern out as she'll get her paws right next to the scissors and I'm afraid that she'll get cut accidentally.
She's positively fascinated by thread, and especially by the pins I use to sew with...I always get the big plastic headed quilting pins which are easy for her to pull out of the fabric with her teeth and take off with.
She's also fascinated by the camera. It makes a sound when you turn it on and another when you're focusing, so she knows when I have it out. She tries to catch the strap when I have it up to my face to focus.
Hmmmmm, Belle must think there is something between the cutting table and sewing machine table that's interesting to her because she always tries to get her paws down there.
This is the skirt fabric for one of the dresses I'm doing for summer camp. Belle says she likes it very much!

You might think this poor dear cat has nowhere of her own to go, but she has a soft pad at the end of my machine table to lie on and watch the outside world. It even has a sunbeam most of the day like cats enjoy but she's not interested in it at all.

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