Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone!

We had a kind of quiet 4th of July day, I spent a bit of time in my sewing room working on a project that I'd cut out months and months ago. My shadow, Belle is now a little over 3 months old and has been looking for ways to help out around the house. She has decided that she wanted to help make my newest Civil War era dress, and decided to help by warming up the skirt while I worked on other parts of the dress. I haven't been sewing much since she adopted us because I wasn't sure that my sewing room was cat proofed enough, but it seems like everything is ok so far. She had to give up the skirt for awhile so I could pleat it and sew it to the waistband, but now it's ready to sew to the bodice and back on the floor waiting for her to lie on it until it's actually part of a dress.

I dropped one of my fabric markers and, you guessed it, it was immediately appropriated and spirited off to the hallway. I got some pretty mad looks when I relieved her of it, but I was afraid that she was going to figure out how to get the top off. I'm starting to get ready and pack the items I'm going to need for a 10 day long sewing summer camp and she's been investigating the growing pile of fabric and patterns I've been starting by the doorway too. She tells me she likes the fabric I picked out for my class, too.

I thought that putting the small items into a bin for my class would be a good idea, but Belle thought her idea of dragging her towel and her very own scrap of fabric into the bin and taking it over was an even better idea!

Belle thought that getting into the small space between my lamp and the wall to take a nap would be great! Nobody will bother her there, and the shelving unit full of soft and cuddly fabric is right there in case she wants to find another place to sleep.

Belle doesn't mind my sewing just as long as I make things like quilts for her to lie on when she is tired of being handled. Right now she's sitting on my lap while I type, trying very hard to ignore the sound of fireworks outside and not doing very well at acting brave. But I think she knows she's not going to fall to any harm so she's relaxed enough to close her eyes for a moment or two between the noises.


Fiber Ninja said...

Wow, look at those green eyes in the last picture. They are gorgeous daahling!

CarolineF said...

OMG she's lovely! Sounds like you are enjoying each other's company.