Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Camp update

Right before I started camp last weekend, I did a couple of days of volunteering at the Carrol County Farm Museum which is a living history museum where I spin as a artisan and living historian. They also have a weaving room and I help out there as well but weaving is less my forte than spinning. I actually was able to get two really wonderful skeins of yarn made last week. The temperature was very hot and very humid, so I wanted to wear something made from lighter cottons than my good dresses which are all made from heavier premium quilting grade cottons. This is one of the dresses I'd made at least 2 years ago that is going to go up for sale on Ebay eventually but I thought I'd try it one more time. I like the fabric, it's light and it's light colored...but it doesn't fit right like the ones I've made to my own fitting shell. It'll fit someone though. I'd thought about using it for those rainy and muddy reenactments that we sometimes do, but I just don't like it enough to keep it. I also think that the light colors don't look as good on me either. lol

After a day off on Monday, I got packed up for Summer Camp again yesterday, I was bringing some things back and forth to work on as well as various trims to decide on for my bodices. I put it all in my tote bag and had the tote and my purse/tote all ready to go and the next thing I knew it, Belle had discovered a new place to explore. She loves grabbing the handles of my bags and pulling to see what will fall out. We'd actually found her in the bag just lying there like "who me?" at one point.
The kitten climbed in and out of everything, sniffing and making sure that no mice had somehow gotten in. She had a really good time playing around there, but wasn't so invisible that she got to go for a ride all the way up to Gettysburg.
She does love to ride in the car on her harness...and take walks outside on harness as well. She's very good about it and comes running when I ask if she wants to "go outside". There's no need to allow a cat to go outside where there are dangers and diseases in order to let them get a taste of the big world out there. The harness is easy!

Here are the two dress bodices that I'm working on in summer camp. The darker bodice on the left is finished, all the hand work is done and I now have to make the skirt. There is blue around all the flowers on the fabric, so the blue trim really works on it, it just doesn't photograph well. The pieces are cut out but nothing else is done. Our homework is to get the skirts ready to pleat on Saturday, but the bottom of the skirt construction with added hem binding and hem tape and then measuring it with the top turn down is time consuming and a big job. The skirts are about 5.35 yards around. The lighter bodice still needs the yellow buttons put on as well as the yellow ribbin trim (there is yellow running through the leaves, besides, Civil War was all about big contrasts so that's perfect. It needed some other color.)The lighter skirt is constructed and I need to sew the hem binding in and measure the top edge so it's ready for pleating. Just getting it that far took me several hours yesterday. And thank you to my hubby for the early Birthday gift of Summer Camp this year! :)

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