Friday, July 25, 2008

So what do you think about hanging up on telemarketers?

Is it right or wrong for you to hang up on telemarketers?
(I copied this from a website, the spelling errors are all theirs-V)

right get metaphysical with them, make a real connection on a human level, block out the commercial crap, waste their time
right they are trained not to hang up on you until you say yes or hang up on them
right it's rude for them to call in the first place. Why be polite to someone who's rude for a living?
right they're annoying
wrong use a combination of caller id, google, and answering machine to screen out telemarketers (and catch do not call violators)
right I used to be a telemarketer. It's no big deal: we just go on to the next number. Sp really both sides win.
right they have no "right" to any of my time, and my time is far more valuable than to waste it on listening/talking to a telemarketer, and what they ask is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!
right Actually, why hang up? Ask them to explain more about their deal and walk away ...its on their dime!
right after 40 years EVERY telemarketer I refuse to buy from has rudely hung up on me so you polite idiots deserve what you get
right I get all their company info first, then inform them that I am registered on the national do not call list and that they just cost their company thousands of dollars because I report every TM call. Then I hang up.
right only when they start arguing or being rude.
right I didn't ask for them to call. To hell with them.
wrong it is rude.
right they are a pest, low lives, and do not deserve a second of my life
right their such a pain and wont take no for an answer
wrong I don't care
wrong in general, its not decent edicate, and it's better to end it gentally or proper notice if i'm in hurry but in this day and age, i don't think it's safe to conduct business with any telemarketer, as they might be identity theives, or scam artists
right If I've already made up my mind I'm not interested, why waste any more time? If the person takes it personally, he/she is definitely in the wrong line of work.
wrong Telemarketers are indeed people. They are just doing their job. People that think like some of you are why the world is so fcked up.
wrong It's better to keep them on the line as l o n g as you can (and have fun doing it).
right I have the right to choose who I talk with
right I pay for my telephone. No one has the right to use my personal property for their own marketing purposes or to invade my privacy.
wrong i use a whistle and blow it in their ear when they connect
right this is America!
wrong They are people too. It is good to treat people kindly it doesn't cost anything. I think It is acceptable to hang up only if they keep pestering you.
right even when you try to end the call politely, they won't stop pushing and accept your final answer.
right I didn't ask them to call! Unless they are with the policeman's ball or Women against drunk driving, something like that they shouldn't be calling.
wrong I am not a douche bag (like everyone below me)
wrong it is better to just put the phone down without hanging up so they talk to themselves for awhile, giving them less time to bother someone else.
right they are viewing me as nothing more than a number, and since I will never fall for their sales tactics, I am actually wasting both their and my time by trying to be polite
right I do not want them to call in the first place and they really have no other motive but to make me spend money on something I don't need.
right they are wasting my fucking time... I'd rather fuck with them, though. screaming into the phone to make them go deaf, keeping them on the phone as long as possible, asking them personal questions, etc.
right i cant think of a reason why it wouldn't be
right there is no moral reason not to disconnect if you are not interested. I prefer to play pranks on them though.
right they interupted my day it's only right to interupt their pitch
right how would it not be right? I didn't ask them to call.
right they are irritating

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