Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A trip to my "Girl Cave"

I had heard the term "Man Cave" for finished basement spaces with bars inside or big screen tv's or the like...well here is my "Girl Cave" which is my sewing room. I just spent some time cleaning and organizing so that I could find my cutting table again. When I'm flying a lot, I'm not usually able to allocate any time to organizing and cleaning, but I've had some days off and I wanted to sew. Part of the issue for me was that my quilting fabrics (in the mail bins here) were all over the table in piles by colour so that I could see what I wanted to match when I was designing blocks. I got them all off the table and on the shelving unit that I bought this week, and the two piles of cottons I had on the floor are now safely on the shelves as well.
Here's my next project, to organize and clean through this shelving unit which sits behind me when I'm sewing. I'm working through the fabric slowly but surely...but the boxes of supplies need a little bit of looking through again. I did manage to get some projects done this week, the black skirt, a black capelet as well as a brown one that I don't have a picture of, and these two Hawaiian tablecloths that I'm going to make Black placemats to go with. This fabric came from the Fabric Mart in Aeia which is my favorite Hawaiian fabric source.
I finished this skirt last night which I'm planning to wear with a red top and a Black Jacket. I have more fabric and I am thinking about making a top from it to wear with Black pants. It's a peachskin kind of slinky fabric.

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