Friday, May 16, 2008

A few projects finished

I've been off work dealing with my GI issues...not a super horrible thing but it keeps reminding me that it's here and I need to take care of it and stick close to home until the attack is over...but the flip side is that I've gotten to do some cleaning up, some catch up on the business, and actually to sew as well.
I've been thinking about buying this skirt at my very favorite clothing came out at $108.00 which is certainly more than I'm going to pay for a skirt, regardless of how cute it might be...I sew, and I know how much fabric goes into something like that...trousers and knits I might pay a bit for but not a skirt. I had decided to go up to Lemoyne to use a 50% coupon at my favorite Fabric Outet on some wool fabric, I can always use wools for Civil War and 50% off their prices is a great thing. So I stopped off in York at Chicos to see how much the skirt was, maybe it was marked down??
There indeed was one skirt on the mark down rack in my size, but they wanted $82. for it. Hmmmmm. Still not low enough, I made a mental note to check the sale section of the website when I got home. So I got back on the road and when I got to the outlet, here was some 100% linen fabric with white embrodery on it that was enough like the skirt I was watching to be just fine with me. I made most of the skirt that night (with a 98 cent pattern from the outlet) and the next day got a zipper and some hem tape and finished it yesterday. I think it'll be just fine, I like it a lot, and the pattern fits me better than their version as mine doesn't ride up.
For $78.00 with my 50% coupon, I got enough fabric for the skirt, another 1.5 yards for something else of the skirt fabric, enough wool and lining for 2 capelets (this black one is made to Civil War standards of materials, trim and construction, but I actually made it to go with some summer dresses when my shoulders get chilly) one is black that you see, the other will be heathered brown, and I also got some cotton velveteen fabric and lining to make an indoor paletot for my Civil War dresses, and black fabric to make placemats and a table runner to go with the 2 Hawaiian print tablecloths that I got done last week. That also includes 4 patterns. I'm very happy I didn't spend the money on the skirt...I got so much more for less money and I'll hopefully get the other 2 projects done this weekend or so. I don't have room in the stash to store any more fabric so I have to go ahead and use it! lol

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Tama said...

Great skirt! You definately got a better deal by buying the fabric than buying the skirt already made.