Sunday, May 11, 2008

Landis Valley Museum Garden Faire

I've been looking forward since last year for the Landis Valley Museum Garden market as we'd put in our gardens after this event last spring. I'd made some fantastic contacts including the one person that perhaps loves Iris even more than I do, the owner of Stoney Creek Iris farm. This one is Firebug.

The top four pictures here are the Iris plants I purchased this year to supplement what I'd gotten from her last year. These pictures are off her website as my plants have not as of yet bloomed. Of the iris plants I bought last year, some from Stoney Creek and some elsewhere, only the stoney creek plants came back and some are even blooming. This one is called Kinkajou Shrew, and is striped.
This Iris is called Tiger Shark. I'm trying to get a good assortment of colors in my garden. I've long been fascinated by Iris, the flowers are my absolute favorites, I love the German Beardeds (the ones you see here) as well as the Siberian ones, which I do have in my garden as well. I used to have quite a collection of them when I lived at my house in Colorado, but they didn't survive the winter move and being transplanted to a too wet area in the garden at my old home in Maryland.
This one is called Waltzing Princess. I'm glad that there are pictures on the website of all these Iris flowers so I can try to keep track of what I have. I'm planning a trip to PA to her farm soon as we just extended the size of the garden today to allow for a few more plants. I did get some more hostas and a few flowering plants for other bare areas of the garden, as well as a lot of herbs for the kitchen.
All of these smaller pictures are of the 8 varieties I purchased from this farm last year. All of them came back this spring, and 2 of them are blooming right now, another 3 or 4 have buds and the others are just hanging out waiting to grow larger so that they can bloom too.

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