Sunday, May 11, 2008

Busy Weekend

Jon is home between school and going back to NC to find a job. He was out camping overnight and called with an invite to go with him and Mr. Charlie to Aaron's Eagle Ceremony. That's Jon helping escort Aaron to the podium to receive his Eagle Rank and Award, good thing he'd brought his scout shirt...of course I was sewing on his adult ranks and taking off his kid ones less than an hour before the ceremony. Some things never change. We've been involved with Scouting in our family since Jon was in 1st grade. Aaron is a couple of years younger, he joined the Cub Scout Pack that I was a Den Leader for and then the Cub Master for when he was just in First grade himself. All the kids that were there, I've known since they were tiny kids, and now like Jon, they're pretty much all grown up. It was great to see everyone from the troop, the leaders and adults and kids alike. We're kind of out of the loop now that Jon is older and has moved to NC.
After the Ceremony we went to dinner and then out to listen to a band we hadn't heard before. They're called the Allen Parson's band and they do a mix of folk, country, and classics. They were playing at O'Rorke's in Gettysburg and they were very good. We had some good food and beer and such...not good for me since I've been battling an IBS attack since we went for BBQ Thursday night. I know that Famous Dave's usually brings on an attack so I normally don't eat there or eat that kind of food. But, Jon really loves it so we took him and Michelle there to celebrate their visit.
We'd been to the Landis Valley Plant Faire on Friday (in the rain and mud) and since it rained most of the morning Saturday, we hadn't done any planting yet. We went to the Baltimore City Farmer's Market this morning and got a few more plants and herbs for the gardens and the kitchen herb pots, then off we went to Home Depot for soil and mulch. We planted everything and now we can enjoy watching it grow! Then to have dinner with all the fresh veggies we picked up at the market. Yummm!

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