Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm a sucker for babies

We had the windows open all morning and Mark kept hearing a "mewing" noise from outside. Eventually we figured out that there was a kitten under my van out on the street, and she apparently had been there for awhile so her mom probably wasn't coming back for her. It took a while to lure her out as she was very frightened and not very able to walk straight. The neighbors tell us there were some horrible animal screams during the night (we slept with the windows closed and didn't hear a thing) and our next door neighbor saw a red fox running away when he turned on the light.
Now remember that neither of us are cat people, not in the least little bit. Both of us are allergic to cats and we generally just don't like them because they kill the squirrels and chipmunks and birds that we so enjoy being in our yard. But this little one is a cute one. She's managed to make her home on the sofa and has eaten a little bit of tuna and kitten food we went out and got, we think she's nearly weaned or has been weaned, maybe she's 4-6 weeks old. She likes to play, and sleeps a lot, but we're already having some allergic symptoms.
We called the animal rescue people that we know and have pretty much figured out that perhaps she is lost or something happened to her mom. We haven't moved the car all day so she might have been underneath all night after the noises last night. The one rescue person that might be able to take her is probably away for the long weekend and I have to fly the next 4 days so we're cat sitting at least for the time being. Rat sitting we've sitting, well then, that's another story.
So we've pretty much settled in with a kitten in the house...we're calling her Cat for now since we really don't know absolutely that it's a girl...our next door neighbors are thinking about her as they want another kitten but they need to think on it and have this little one checked out by the vet.
She's asleep right here next to me as I type...although I've got a definitely scratchy throat and my eyes itch like crazy, I really am getting attached to her. I do hope the neighbors take her...but if not...well, then lets see how we all do together. She fell asleep ont he back of the sofa with her butt off the back of it...we were afraid she was going to slide right off!

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Tama said...

Oh what an adorable kitten!! What a beautiful color! I am a sucker for adorable little animals period!