Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Half-Birthday, Aidan! :)

Ok, so his Half Birthday was yesterday...but I wasn't home to blog then. In our family the kids have Birthdays near to Christmas/Hannukkah, so we've always gotten them something little for their Half-Birthday, just kind of a fun thing to do as we are probably the worst for keeping secrets anyhow. These pictures out on a hike are from the end of April when Jenn and Michael took Aidan over the KoliKoli pass which is actually right near where they live. Aidan loves being in his front pack where he can see everything.
He also loves playing in his swimming pool in the back porch and just generally loves splashing in the water, no matter where the water might be. I can see he's going to be a puddle splasher when he gets to walking...just like most boys!
Jenn called me yesterday to let me know what she'd gotten Aidan for his Half Birthday from her and Michael and also from me as I'd sent him some money for toys. It was great to hear how mobile he's getting and it's always nice to have a new toy when you're a whole entire 6 months old!
This is another one of Michael with Aidan while they were hiking.

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