Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Aidan and Company

On Saturday we were able to go to the K-9 Kennels with Michael so we could meet his dog. Here they are getting some posing in. :) It was kind of a quiet day for us on Saturday after being up about 22 hours on Friday dealing with airports and airplanes. Still it was a fairly pleasant journey, as good as can be expected for a long distance.
Mark agreed to let the dog attack him while wearing the protective suit, and Michael called the dog off afterward.
Here's one of Aidan enjoying spending some time with grandpa.
Jenn brought Aidan to the Kennels and us three stood in the shade and watched Michael and Mark and Folti.
A picture of the proud parents and Aidan. Aidan had a pacifier in his mouth and then got his bottle...he was a little bit perplexed about how to get the bottle to his mouth with the pacifier in there already. :) :)

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