Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dole with Aidan and Honu beach

We took Jenn and Aidan out to the Dole Plantation which is actually right up the road not very of the places that I stop often on the way to other places because they have great pineapple ice cream and juice at the food court area.
Aidan loved looking around and he got a stuffed squeeky toy pineapple from grandma, and mom bought him an adorable little tee shirt. He got to watch us eat our ice cream, he's still a little bit young to have his own, but soon he'll be able to join us!
We brought Jenn home and went back out to go to the Turtle Beach to visit with our favorite Honus. The sign on the street by the beach was framed by the beautiful view.
The Honus come up on shore here to sleep and bask in the sun, but there are also lots of them in the water. We looked patiently and saw at least 3 of them. You can occasionally catch a glimpse of a fin or a head popping up out of the water.
How they keep from getting hurt on the rocks is a mystery to me. The rocks are full of algae which the Honus love to eat so they're always around this particular beach (though we've seen them in the water at other beaches).
They're so used to people that you can get fairly close and they don't wake up or care. I guess they know that they're protected.
This beach is called Pupakea and it's really beautiful with all the volcanic rocks.
This is the entrance to Shark's Cove which is part of the Humpback Whale preserve. It's a very protected inlet and they apparently can sometimes be seen out in the water.
There's a nice area that is protected from the bigger ocean by rocks, and all kinds of baby fish live here. The current isn't too strong so we were able to wade in and watch the little guys swimming around.
Mark at Shark's cove lagoon.

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