Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just another shi**y day in paradise

It rained yesterday morning so we skipped our walk. Of course, it was sunny again within just an hour or so now that the rainy season is over. I've been doing at least 3 miles a day in the morning and sometimes another slower mile with the kids and dogs in the evenings. My legs just weren't used to all the walking, especially uphill, so it was ok to take a day off.
We headed to the gigantic fabric store and to do some other errands, and then went downtown (the traffic wasn't quite it's usual horrible snarled mess, but is always heavy) into Waikiki to check out another one of the Crazy Shirt outlet stores. We did stop on the way at Pearl Harbor Naval Base where I got to have my fix of Yummy Korean Food at the NEX. We did a ton of walking downtown and then headed along the water to the Diamond head crater, where we walked the sidewalks on the outside and enjoyed the views from the park. This picture is of the Blowhole, if you look really closely at the left 1/3 of the picture you might be able to see the spray from the hole. The tide was probably not very high so there was very little water coming out of it.
We drove along the coast highway and stopped and walked around and looked for shells and fish and such in the tidal pools, it's always nice to get out and be in the sun and have my feet in the water. There was a ton of sharp volcanic rock so it wasn't a swimming beach.
I just thought this was a beautiful picture. It's actually the opening to an area that you'll see a little lower where there is a very secluded beach that has a huge climb down (and then back up) to it from the road.
This is another one from where we found sea glass for Jenn's collection and were walking around looking at the way the surf came up over the rocks. You can see the outside 3 sides of the volcano that created all this lava still visible behind where this beach is.
Does he look like a tourist to you? I guess I do too...we're sooooo white skinned even with being outside for at least awhile every day. I guess if I transferred to HNL I'd be a little more tanned, at least my legs wouldn't be blindingly white.
This one is Diamond Head from the side in the park there. It's a beautiful setting, and on the other side of the street is another park where there are gorgeous native and non-native flowering plants and trees.
This is that secluded beach that we saw nestled between the volcanic rock cliffs. There were just a few people down there, probably the climb back up persuades only the hardiest of souls that it's worth it to go down there.
This is a view off the park along the ocean side near Diamond Head. There is a sheer drop off to the beach below. We saw plenty of surfers in the water in this area, but then again, there are plenty of surfers everywhere on the Island. We then drove back for a great meal of Ahi fish burritos and tacos at our favorite Mexican place, Cholos, though I wouldn't recommend the Le Hing Mui Margarita that I got. lol

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