Thursday, April 03, 2008

Taro Bread

This is the Taro root, which is actually white in the inside. The Hawaiians grow it here in large patches that look like they might be rice fields, and it's available in it's natural state at the various farmer's markets.
This is the Taro Bread that I so love, it actually has a potato bread consistancy, doesn't taste a lot different, perhaps a little bit sweet, I guess I just love it since I can't get it everywhere. The bread is always soft and yummy even after it sits on the counter or in the fridge for days, unlike most other kinds of breads
We found Taro English Muffins at the Commisary the other day so of course I had to nab them. They were delicious! And no, I have no idea what makes the Taro turn purple, maybe it happens during baking. I'll have to find the time to mess with some raw on another visit. :)

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