Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Random scenes from paradise

We've been enjoying the company of Jenn and Michael and Aidan since we arrived on Friday but today we were tourists out stopping for those Kodak moments. There are a lot of beautiful sights, so I tend to look for those where the color contrasts are very pronounced or the clouds are rolling in beautifully or where I can frame a picture with trees or something like that.
So we stopped at quite a few beaches along the North Shore just to look at the ocean and get our feet wet.

And yes, it was windy, but I did manage to get my feet wet in the ocean and get some beach walking in.
On the way around the point we had to stop at Matsumoto's for some shave ice. I'm doing actually ok on Weight Watchers this week so far, going over my points for the day is pretty much a daily occurrance but I'm not using up my full allotment of weekly extra points. Plus we've been walking at least once a day, today I think we did 3 miles in the early morning before going out. I'm hoping to still lose this week, but definitely hoping not to gain. I'm trying to enjoy the things I can't get at home and be sensible about everything else. I have to have my purple Taro bread and my Garlic Shrimp and my Shave Ice, and Jenn introduced me to Banana Lupias today. yumm.

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Fiber Ninja said...

You're making me hungry! And what is purple talo bread?