Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Hungry Honus at Mokulaea

I think these prints I found on the beach near the trash cans were from the elusive but very cute mongoose. Yes, I know they're mean and nasty and all, but they're brown furry guys that look like ferrets, but I happen to think they're cool looking.
Mark and I and Jenn went to Mokuleia which is normally rather deserted as it's not a swimming beach due to all the coral on the shore. It's a great beach for looking for shells and just generally relaxing. It was a chilly and windy and off and on rainy day.
Mark always seems to find the best shells and seaglass even in areas that Jenn and I have already looked over. Today he found a few intact cowrie shells as well as a bunch of pieces.
One of my usual beach shots looking up to the East towards Wailua.
Here's one of Jenn on the beach.
Jenn noticed that right by my feet at the water's edge (I was busy looking for shells) there were two Honu or Hawaiian Green Sea turtles eating the algae off the rocks. They were kind of small, but they were so neat to see up close. The next wave to come in not only got me soaked to the waist, but tumbled the Honu in the surf. When they came up they swam further from shore.
There was another Honu just a little way from the two, and he was pretty close to shore as well, he kept looking at us to see what we were doing.
This is the single little Honu closer in to shore. I can't believe how close these guys were to us swimming around in the water. They don't show up too well as they really blend in with the algae and the rocks in the shallow water.
Here's another one of Mark on the beach.
Mark and Jenn were walking back up the dunes toward the parking lot and I snapped this picture. My camera was pretty coated by salt spray at this point from the wind and the waves, so it's a little bit blurry. We're leaving tomorrow so I'm glad we got to see the beach again and especially the Honus.


Tama said...

Cold, chilly, rainy, or not it looks very beautiful there! And turtles! WOW! How cool is that?!

Jenn said...

Mark always finds the better ones because he walks ahead of us and we are always talking. :)