Saturday, April 05, 2008

Today's outing

After we went to the early Weight Watcher's meeting this morning in Aiea, we headed home and picked up Aidan as we were spending the day with him to give Jenn and Michael a date day. We enjoy going to the farmer's market in Wailua at the old Sugar mill. There are two roads to the north shore, and this is actually the less picturesque of the two, but the vistas are beautiful.
Aidan enjoyed going to the farmer's market with us to get fruits and veggies from the local vendors. Most of the people grow their own produce on their land right in the nearby area, and I really like helping out the local folks.
The farmer's market is held at the Old Sugar Mill which is no longer operational since they don't grow any more sugar cane on the island. The two mills that are still around are old and historic, and they remind you of an bygone agricultural time on Oahu. We put Aidan in the stroller and walked around and visited the shops that are in the old buildings.
The cone shaped building now houses the Wailua Soap Factory where we go to get Kukui soaps and oils. I've been there a number of times before, I love their soaps which have long been known to be antiseptic and astringant, and I have never left here without at least a few in my suitcase. And lets not forget the Pineapple Lip Baum. :)
By the time we left, some of the produce vendors were already packed up and going home until next week. We got some Huli-Huli chicken for lunch and then went to Haliewa to get some Shave Ice to share with Aidan. But the line at Matsumotos was out the door, and the little guy had already fallen asleep so we went home to put him down for a nap.
These are some pictures I took out of the car window while we were driving toward the north shore. The fields used to all be planted in pineapples, but Dole has now planted it's last crop of pineapples on Oahu, it'll be harvested in less than 2 years. Most pineapples are now grown elsewhere such as Thailand. Dole is planting coffee and cacao trees, there is some corn that has gone in, but mostly the ground has been left to go back to it's natural form.
If you look at the horizon on any of these photos, you'll see that there is a view of the ocean and the waves. It always draws you in and makes you happy to see it.

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