Monday, March 24, 2008

Just another day at the office

Just thought you'all would like a view from my office...this last trip took me to Sacramento where everything was in bloom to Eagle/Vail, Colorado where everything was beautiful and snowy. These are some airport pictures as we made our way on and off the aircraft. It was pretty warm there, sunny, and the mountains are always beautiful! We had about 19 hours in a small mountain town where we each walked around and enjoyed being in the sunshine. Most of our trips aren't that way, we often stay right by the highway in areas that are frankly not safe to walk in, or sometimes right at the airport where there is nowhere to walk even if you'd felt safe enough.
The flight between Denver and Eagle is less than a half hour so there is no service for us to do, we're there for safety only...a nice break every now and again.
We flew in on an Airbus A320 and this is it sitting on the ramp. I just love those airports which don't yet have jetways, it reminds me of when I started flying, going to all those neat smaller cities that the commuter planes now serve. I would much rather go to small towns than the big cities even now.
It's very unusual to be able to be on the ramp so we took full advantage of enjoying it, though we were "escorted" and watched by the ground personnel. I wasn't a criminal when I started my career 22+ years ago but I understand the reasons for being watchful.
On the way back home we had a 4 leg/flight day but we got to stop for about 30 minutes in one of my favorite towns, Jackson, Wyoming. This is a beautiful mountain community, though the town is quite a way from the airport.
The airport here is actually within the Grand Teton National Park, and I was glad to meet the superintendant of the park on the airplane going in. There is an elk preserve between the airport and the town right along the main highway, and on layovers in the past I'd seen the herds of elk coming down the mountains to graze on some of the hay left for them.
The information that the pilots have in their manuals for arrivals and departures in this beautiful place warn them to be careful of Elk on the runway. I've never seen any in the times I've been here, but that doesn't mean they can't find their way to the runways.
I thought this last one was very beautiful of the snow on the mountain, it looked like it was snowing on the ski area, though it was beautiful and sunny where we were. Yup, just another day at the office. Of course, we had a nearly 14 hour duty day that day with the 4 legs getting home, but sometimes all that work is worth it. :)

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Tama said...

I thought that first picture looked familiar. I live about 2 hours from the Eagle/Vail area! We still have an awful lot of snow around here don't we! I love Jackson WY also!