Sunday, February 18, 2007

Moving day

Look closely at the picture. I howled laughing when Jon and Laura shared it with me. You can also click on it for a bigger version.
Yesterday dawned early after my "nap" (I got home at 0315 from work). Dear Daughter Jenn's Dad arrived with the moving van and her Virginia apartment contents to pick up a bunch of furniture here. Jon is home on leave this weekend and he and Laura came over and helped Mark and Jen's Dad unload the moving van and then reload it with my dining room set and her bedroom furniture and all of her things. While I was glad to see the furniture go (it was way too big for my house), I'm left with a house in complete chaos...the contents of the china closet and server are all over the floor, we didn't have enough boxes to pack it away, her bedroom which is now my sewing room needs places to put things like lamps and such since the furniture is gone, and the entire house is turned upside down with things on the floor everywhere until places are found to put them away. I will be taking Jon back to Ft. Eustis tomorrow, the rest of the week will be cleaning and organizing time. I'm going to look for a storage piece of furniture, possibly oak, for the dining room, and hopefully can find just the right claw footed table that I have seen in my mind's eye. I don't want new stuff, something old but taken care of but that fits in my little house and even smaller dining room. I've started looking in antique stores, but I think I'm going to wait until I can start going to the auctions and estate sales when the weather warms. I also have to paint the wall in my living room on which the china closet sat, I couldn't reach behind it when I painted the room so you can clearly see the outline of it on the wall's paint! We also moved the TV center up from the basement so we'll be able to watch TV in the living room after we get everything set up and put away. And you never know, I might have one of my spinning wheels accessible and near to the TV for relaxing at after the room is set up. The loom is in the living room too...maybe?????? I sure would love to get something warped and get to sit down and weave. Maybe in my spare time. (Lauging my butt off).

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