Monday, February 05, 2007

Ballgown and Jonathan

I normally wouldn't picture something that is close to being completed, but my dear friend Lorraine asked me for pictures of the Ballgown in its present state so here they are. I worked all day on it and I'm really getting burned out, but I want to get it finished for Saturday night. My mind really hasn't been on my sewing and I know this because I have had to take out and resew so very much, and I've even had to throw out a couple of pieces that I sewed wrong and re make them today.
I put the ribbon roses on the skirt last night at a wonderful get together and Super bowl party at Lorraine and Ron's with good friends (Alice, Barry, Woody, Mark, Seth, Simon, and Soloman), good food, good companionship, spinning, sewing, poker, and we all enjoyed the game and the commercials too! I even managed to finish a bobbin on Cormo and ply it with a bobbin that I'd made a long time ago. Alice plyed silk with Polwarth and then spun some Cormo, and Lorraine spun some beautiful pastel roving that she'd gotten from Alice.
My head just isn't where it should be because I'm very worried about Jonathan, as it gets closer to his procedure on Wednesday, the worry becomes more and more all-encompassing. The doctor told him that they will most likely tear any hole that he might have in his intestines (and they are guessing that he has one) with the camera for the scope, and then he'll have to be taken immediately for emergency surgery. He's down to 115 pounds and just having him put under scares me completely. I can't be with him, he's still at Ft. Eustis, and I worry like any mom would. If you have a moment Wednesday morning, could you send a prayer or two for Jon? Thanks.
As you can see the other sleeve has to be put on. I haven't even begun to make it, I have to do the measurements for the trim and make more ruching as I don't think I have enough left. I also have to make some more piping for the lower edge. After looking at the bodice on the dress form, I think it needs some more flowers on the front of the sleeve, and also on the shoulder in the trim that comes from the bodice. Then I have to get grommets and lacings and do the lace up fastening in the back where it gets put togerher. Another option that I might do is to sew the two pieces (skirt and bodice) together so they don't shift while dancing. And I have to fly this week too. Geesh. I'm feeling tired, guess I missed my nap today. lol

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