Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Lincoln Ball

We had a wonderful time at the Lincoln Ball last night. It was held at the Lutheran Theological Seimnary in Gettysburg, made famous as Seminary Ridge from the battle, only a couple of blocks from Lee's Headquarters in 1863. We had a nice dinner at Appalacian Brewing Company before the dance, as it was conveniently located right next to Lee's HQ building very close by. We even had a very nice visit with a dear friend that lives on the way to Gettysburg as we drove up there for the event. ! Here are some pictures taken during the dance. We danced the evening away, and of course, I looked at all the dresses for ideas for the next one! The dresses were all beautiful and the men all looked dashing!
The period building with it's beautiful chandeliers was perfect for the event, and Mark and I did get our portrait done which will show up in the blog later when it is delivered to us.
My head is full of ideas for design, trim, color, headpieces, you name it!
I think I might work on a cotton evening dress for the camp dances when we're out at Reenactment weekends.
We always look forward to these events, there are 3 Balls a year besides the various camp dances at the events we attend. Mark is going to get a Civilian outfit so that he doesn't always have to be in his uniform for the balls.

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Knitting Ninja said...

What a beautiful dress Vicki, you really out did yourself this time. I notice that most of the pics are VERY close up on the trim put on the ladies dresses!! Loraine