Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vacation Socks are finished!

These are the Koigu socks that I was handknitting on while on vacation. I'd gotten the ribbing and the first repeat of sock #1 done before leaving and finished up #2 the night that Jenn and Aidan left. I don't particularly like the yarn, it was really pretty on the skein, but once I used the yarn ball winder and made them into a ball the colors got very muddy. I wanted to get them done and off the needles so I could work on something that I really love the yarn for. I'm working on a colorway called "Rooster Rock" in a pattern called "Cedar Creek" but I'm just doing the heel decreases for #1. It's thick and springy and very much for the winter time. I did cast on another sock last night that is lacy and airy and light, being a fairly straightforward lace pattern with a 4 row repeat. Neither of the ones I'm working on is going very fast, they're both a lot of purling and special stitches, but they're beautiful to look at.
I took another sock machine lesson last evening and my homework is to make a pair of socks before my next lesson and to do some ribbing with the ribber that is now working. I'm not yet to the point where I can finish a pair on my own, I need to learn the non-needle weaving stitch for the toes and I'm still pretty fumbly. It's all about practice and more practice to become comfortable, just like with hand knitting. If you have an interest in getting a sock machine or using one you've found, feel free to send me a message, I'm happy to pass on my teacher and information to you. Not all of the experiences that I've had with this machine have been positive, and I might be able to help you watch out for the same pitfalls I've experienced. I'll reply privately.

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