Friday, April 24, 2009

Unexpected visitors

While we were driving back from South Carolina, I got to talk to Jenn quite a bit. Michael is still in school and not able to be home so she decided to hop on a plane or two and come home for awhile and visit. She and Aidan (Michael too) are always welcome so we came home to get ready for the little guy...who is much bigger than he was when they left last time in December! He had a good time exploring the house and checking out the cats. Here he is offering a piece of his snack to Grandpa.
I'm guessing that one of the cats walked by at the moment that this picture was snapped and Aidan looked down at her. He now can say "Gracie" and "Rosie" and he even makes the hiss noise that Belle makes when he chases her into the corner. :)

This is a picture of Aidan being a big guy and sitting at the table without a high chair or anything. He's having sea life shaped chicken nuggets which are about as cool as anything!

Aidan likes playing with his cars and trucks and his new bulldozer on the table. Rosie wanted to see what Aidan was doing so she jumped up onto the table. Aidan thought she was coming over to say hello.

Belle and Rose looking through the stairs down at Aidan below. The girls love the open stairs in the house and use them all the time to spy on the humans.

When Jenn decided to come visit we were particularly excited since Nanny and Poppa were in town this week and we had plans to see them for dinner on Thursday night. Since they didn't know that Jenn or Aidan were with us we thought we'd surprise them. We had Aidan knock on their hotel room door and boy was Nanny surprised when she opened the door to see the little guy! It was a fantastic surprise!

Here's Poppa hugging Jenn while Aidan looks around to see what he can get into. We had a wonderful dinner at Legal Sea Food and Aidan was incredibly good. He ate well, and behaved better than any other 17 month could be expected to. We were very impressed! Nanny and Poppa got hugs from the little guy as well as us big humans, and we really enjoyed seeing them.
Here's Aidan lying on the inflatible bed in the living room watching Shawn the Sheep on TV.

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