Saturday, April 18, 2009

A couple more finished projects

I was trying to get some more projects that I'd started on the list of finished ones. Sometimes I get too many things going and it feels overwhelming. I did 2 new flannel nightgowns as some of the ones I made last time around (a few years ago) are getting kind of thread bare. Rosie just wanted to snuggle down in the fabric no matter where I put them to take a picture, so I just gave up and took a picture with her on them. They're just nightgowns, after all. :)
These socks just got finished, they're the colorway "Dragon Dance" in the pattern "Serendipity" which made me step outside the comfort box while I was working on them. They look huge here but they're actually fitting perfectly. They have a new heel for me, they're a "wrap and twist" heel rather than the short row ones with the gusset decreases that I'm used to. The first one wasn't as nice as the second, a little experience was a good thing. I'm not sure if I'd use the heel again, but the "star toe" was kind of nice looking and I might repeat that. Now it's on to other socks that I've started, I'm on a kind of "clean up and clear out" quest on my knitting lately.

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