Thursday, April 30, 2009

The to do list gets one line shorter

I love being able to scratch another line off my "to do" list! Today I got the collar and cuffs sewn onto this dress that I made this spring which was one of the entries on my list. I love the fabric, Mark bought it for me at Needle and Thread after I'd lusted for it on another visit and wasn't able to buy it! I was hurrying to get finished with the dress because I thought I was going to wear it to a Lady's Tea I'm attending on May 16th (1860's era) but after seeing it pictured, I've decided that while I love it, it's just not light enough in color for a spring social event, and a straw bonnet won't look right with it. I have a knitted dinner cap on the needles right now that will go with the dress, and I'll finish it for later on. I'll save the dress for the Loudin Park Cemetary Memorial Service that's usually the 1st weekend in June, it's somber but not full mourning attire, perfect for that event. I don't wear my really good and favorite dresses to outdoor events, I have plenty of dresses for outside. :)

I'll probably have to make another set of collar and cuffs for one of my other dresses that's flowery and light colored for the tea. I've been sewing them on rather than pinning them like I used to because they lie so much smoother sewn. But since they're sewn in, each dress has it's own set, measured for and designed for it. I'm drawn to the darker fabrics in the store but I'm going to have to make sure I have a couple of light colored dresses just for events such as the tea. :)

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