Sunday, April 05, 2009

A sunny but windy day at Union Mills Homestead

Yesterday was drill day for our Unit as well as a few others in the Valley Division. It was a time to shake off the dust from the uniforms, get the horses excited again, and meet and get to know new members. It was a day to drill a bit, have a time for conversation as we had a big pot luck lunch, and it was a time to see people from some other units that we might not have seen for awhile. Here, the 1st Maryland Infantry and a NC unit (can't remember which one) were getting ready to form lines and drill. They're part of the larger division to which our unit is a part.
A picket line was set up for the horses, there were 5 in attendance at the drill day. This is Jim working with Bobby, his horse, and Bob on top of Charlie, also owned by Jim. The horses got some exercise and since there was cannon fire and gun fire noise, they had a chance to get used to the noise again (or in the case of some new recruits, for the first time).

The Baltimore Light Artillery was a part of the Maryland 1st Cavalry, and here you'll see our gun crew practicing. We have new members, and members that weren't able to join us for a couple of years, so it was a chance for everyone to practice and get used to working together again. The dismounted cavalry guys were ahead of the cannon, shooting at the enemy in the trees.

Jim, sitting atop Bobby, gives orders to the Dismounts as they skirmish with the tree line. This beautiful property is a homestead that was begun by the Shriver Family in 1787...both Union and Confederate troops spent a night in these fields in 1863 around the Gettysburg battle, and some of their desendants still live across the street from the Homestead and mill which is now a park and museum. One of their descendants that was unable to be with us yesterday, is also with our unit. We live in an area full of history.
A closer picture of the gun crew practicing shooting. And yes, they use black powder blanks.

The dismounts get ready to line up and inspect weapons and drill.

These are some scenes from after the skirmish of unit members getting ready to debrief.

This is one of the Horse moms. She doesn't ride, but was along to handle the horses. We really enojoyed getting to know this new family of recruits.

Bobby the horse is said to be quite a ham, in fact, he usually makes sure that he is included in all the photographs that people take. This was no exception, as you can see from his walking over when he saw me put my camera up. :) We're all looking forward to the reenacting season, starting with a weekend in May.

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