Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hello from the Jamboree

Hello from the Scout Jamboree. Or I should say, home for a few hours to take care of things with Kendig Cottage. The scuba program is officially open for business today, so we're going to be on the road by 0430 to get back in time. The boys arrived Sunday and yesterday and our program is completely ready to go. The 4 scuba pools have already seen about 1000 kids and adults for our program.

Nope, I haven't done much spinning, just a little bit of the Peruvian cotton. I haven't done much knitting either. It's been so very hot down there in Virginia, heat index yesterday was 115 and it's expected to be even hotter today and tomorrow. It's been too hot and we've been way to busy to be able to do anything. I'm "facilitating" or instructing in the pools pretty much full time, but with the schedule changing today for the full contingent of boys to come in, I should have some time, but I can't stand to touch the wool or cotton if it's this hot and humid.

Scuba staff made a grand entrance to the staff Arena show the other night in full pirate field uniform. DH and I got into the act too. We had pirate flags and all of us were saying "ARRRRRRGH" and it was quite fun. Well, off to finish packing orders and get back in the non-air conditioned car to drive down to Ft. AP Hill in Virginia.


Linda said...

I heard that there was some kind of accident at the jamboree yesterday. I hope everyone is ok. Stay cool!

LadyV said...

Sounds like everyone is braving the heat. Don't over-do things and stay hydrated.

Liz said...

Oh dear heavens Vicki! I hope your husband was not one of the men who got electrocuted! Please let us know that you are both safe and sound! We worry you know!

You both look very cute in your Pirate get ups. Shiver me Timbers! :)

Meghann said...

you guys look awesome! the best pirates i have seen in a long time. i think dad looks almost as good as johnny depp. :) can't wait to hear the stories from jambo.