Thursday, July 14, 2005

What a Fantastic Day!

Yesterday was fantastic! I had the absolute pleasure to be invited to the lovely home of Lady Vee (with whom I have been emailing and talking fiber for awhile now) and her beautiful and fantastic spinning E2 for a day of spinning, great company, laughs and fiber! I also had the pleasure of meeing Vee's friend Liz (and her Majacraft that spins like a dream) who is a connsumate fiber addict like myself and Vee, as well as Brenda who is a new and learning spinner and knitter, and Linda who is a knitter, and a fairly new but accomplished spindler and now new spinner. Linda and Brenda were introduced to all of the wheels in attendance (I brought my world worn Ashford Traveler as well as my Beloved Louet S75) and we all had the opportunity to spin on eachother's wheels. Talk about getting to "pet" some yummy fiber! Vee and Liz had some buffalo that was absolutely TDF! (To die for!) and there were many kinds of fleece and varieties of roving as well to share and experience. I was able to get some green Merino / Silk spun while I was there (as well as working on my 2 ounces of pure silk that I started last October-it's sticky and I don't enjoy spinning it). I hope that the group will next come up here to the north country for spinning, chatting, and perhaps "Sex" which is a Stash Enhancement eXcursion...probably to the Mannings.


Liz said...

Well, I can't wait until we have our next little get together! Such fun is a rare and precious gift. That of newfound and treasured friendship created over bonds forged in wool, silk and buffalo... ;)

LadyV said...

I had soooooo much fun yesterday. I can't wait till our next fiber fling! Hugs!