Friday, July 15, 2005

Spinning Lace weight

Between the last couple of days of spinning, at Lady Vee's house and at the museum, I've managed to finish up a bunch of brown shetland for a future shawl (I have to finish the one that's on that set of needles first, and I'm not quite sure where I put it!), and worked on the 100% silk a little bit with Liz's help...plan to ply that with Alpaca. What you see here is green Merino and Silk on the left and "Diablo" Merino and Mohair on the right. The Diablo looked kind of muddy to me when spun up about sport weight, but I've been working on spinning it up for a lace weight project and I'll tell you that I really think it's coming out beautifully, all blue and mauve and pastel. To me at this weight it doesn't look muddy at all. I went to Kinkos last night and copied the charts (so I can carry them around without ruining my book) for the First Lace Shawl and the Faux Russian shawl from "A Gathering of Lace" with the thought that the Diablo would want to become one of those. I'm doing shawls because I can wear them with period dress for the museum and just because I like them.

Ok. Time to admit to you that I'm not a great knitter. In fact, I'm less of a knitter even than that. The leaf shawl has a huge glaring error in it that I didn't find until a few rows later, and by then it was too far for me to take it out (I would never have gone back to it). I definitely have ADHD with many projects going at once and a lack of patience to rip out anything that is wrong. The best I can hope for is to do something simple and get it right. Doing another lace shawl scares me to death. Doing an entire sweater seems rather unattainable unless it's so very simple that even I can do it, and I have nothing else on any needles going at the same time. I try to finish one project and then start another but that never seems to work out.

AND, I'll also admit that, in Liz's words: "I've been sucked into the Buffalo vortex" by her and Vee. Yup. I ordered 2 ounces of Buffy fur last night. It's been suggested to me that I do an andean style headband from Spin-off online with that lovely fiber, and I've printed the pattern and am ready to do battle with the charted design. Now, what to add to the buffy (mind you, I haven't even received it, much less spun, and plied it yet) for the lighter yarn. There's white yak, grey yak, light brown baby camel down, alpaca, hmmmmm....the possibilities are endless. I'll have to see what's in the budget after the Buffy is spun.

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LadyV said...

You are "spinning" right along my dear! I just realized this morning when I was putting my knitting books away, that I had tagged the Faux Russian shawl as the one I wanted to knit from A Gathering of Lace. When do you think you will start this one?

As for the Andean headband, Liz and I were discussing using quiviut along with the buffalo. I was pondering either cream yak or camel for the third color.