Saturday, July 16, 2005

First yarn for a new project

I spent the evening making yarn from some baby camel from the Kendig Cottage store. It is so very soft, I'd not spun it before. The yarn just spun itself! I plied it this morning while the lightening and thunder played in the background, and it came out really nice. It kind of reminds me of being briefly in "Camel land". That's our crew at the Airport in Kuwait after shopping in duty free. I hoped to find some camel items there to bring back, but most of them were made in the states or the UK so I got a small camel hair keychain for my DD and a camel statue for my DS and was quickly on my way back to the airplane and then bound for home.

Now, what to spin next. I'm thinking in terms of my headband project, the camel will go into it, as well as the Buffalo that I'm eagerly awaiting, but I need a third yarn and I haven't quite decided yet...yak probably, but which color?


Linda said...

Kuwait? Wow! Thats quite a trip.

Have you ever knit anything out of the camel yarn? How is it?

Liz said...

Looks like you were all having fun in that picture! :)

I'm thinking I might end up with a qiviut, guanaco, buffalo headband... I think those 3 colors would be yummy together... Now I just need to get spinning!