Thursday, August 04, 2005

Home Again

Well, we returned home yesterday from the Jamboree to a bit cooler weather than we experienced in Virginia. It was a fantastic experience, and I don't know of anyone that isn't wanting to be at "The Hill" in 2010 for the next one. Here are a couple of pictures of our experiences.

That's me waiting to fill tanks at pool #1. Mark did a bunch of patch trading and came away smiling, and I managed to become the recipient of a few that I needed/wanted for my own collection.

I came home to a box of fabulously soft Bison down, but I have had to spend the day working through the mountain of paperwork that has grown on my desk the past two weeks. There's always the pile of things to organize and put away from an event like this one, and laundry to be done. But still, every moment was worth it! As soon as I get the housework done, and the fiber divided and packaged that came in the last two weeks, I'll be free to sit down and spin. It'll have to use it as a reward, but I have to fly every week day from now until the 15th of August, so we'll see what I can manage to get done.


Liz said...

Welcome Back Vicki! You were sorely missed! WHen are we going to have that S-E-X we talked about? :P

Pugknits said...


LadyV said...

Glad you're back! I'm fighting for spinning time too lately but hopefully that will change real soon.

We missed you.