Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The gravitational pull of the fleece vortex

Well, there I was. Minding my own business. Not being attracted to the fleece vortex, nosiree, just thinking of all the fleeces that I have already in my basement waiting for me to make a list so I don't forget them again. Thanking my lucky stars that I already had plenty of fleece down in the basement in my stash. Thinking about the hat an mittins I'm envisioning using 4 colors of fleece from my stash, I've already named it the "basement hat" in honor of the stash.

While the fleece vortex swirled unnoticed around me, I did bunches of paper and computer work today and I even managed to sit down and spin for a little while. I finished the second skein of grey alpaca/angora for the other lace scarf I'm planning. I know it doesn't look very remarkable pictured here, but the lace work makes the angora fuzz up a bit and it actually is very pretty. I got a couple of samples combed and even spun and plied the Scottish Blackface sample.

So back to minding my own business...a customer that I had traded emails with told me he'd gotten a hard to find fleece (Polwarth) that interested me, and actually gave me the source. Apparently this person is getting rid of her stash, so I took a deep breath and plunged into the depths of her stash listing. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I now have coming via UPS, a white and grey variegated CVM fleece. I really loved the CVM sample I did, as well as the CVM roving that Liz gifted me with on Saturday. I had been thinking about looking for one from the shepherd but there were none available until December. Yes, you're right, that wasn't all. I purchased a portion of each of a Romeldale and Polypay, already washed once. While I ate dinner the thought of more fleeces needing a good home called to me, and they succeeded in sucking me into the fleece vortex that LadyV and LizzyB had so warned me about. I went back and called "dibbs" on a California Red and a Targee, both portions of fleeces. For me, this was perfect since I really prefer not to have the entire fleece, just enough to fondle and do some projects with.

My wonderful fiber enabling husband asked about my purchases and was very supportive. I'm sure he's wondering where in the world I'm going to put said fleeces, but I've actually cleared out some space by doing all the dyeing for making fiber mixes for the business. hehe...where there's a fleece, there's a way.


LadyV said...

Ahhhh, didn't take long for the visions of fleece to start dancing through your head :-)

Welcome aboard!

Liz said...

Heh, just promise me I'll be able to visit and pet your white and grey CVM fleece when it comes. :) You know how I feel about CVM... It makes my heart beat fast and my knees get weak! :)