Thursday, August 25, 2005

Slow day

I'm home again today after working yesterday on my feet for about 13 hours, with the pressure of the airplane and the length of time walking and standing, the ankle was screaming half way through the day. I think it's wise to give myself a little more time to get feeling better. I managed to get another sample (Border Leicester) spun this morning, it's drying in the kitchen now. I wanted to get another picture of the developing sample collection, it is simply amazing how valuable this experience is for me, getting to know the different fleeces by feel and the way they process and spin. Samples I'd loved in the grease are absoulutely coarse when spun, things that didn't "wow" me before I washed them have become my favorites, and it's amazing how much combing and/or carding changes the feel and appearance of many fleece types. My absolute least favorite so far has been Black Mountain Welsh because of the fiber feel, length, and how scratchy it was when I spun it. I couldn't wait to finish spinning it so it was over with! But the color is beautiful and deep, and I love naturally colored fleeces.

I'll continue the process slowly. I'm also spinning some alpaca/angora that I think is going to want to be a scarf for a special person. I've picked out the pattern already, it's called "Rabbit tracks" in reference to the Angora bunny blended into the alpaca. I'm still on the first ounce going onto the bobbin, more to come on that.


CrazyFiberLady said...

Very pretty sample skeins! Makes me want to spin more.. but then there's all that yarn I've collected that needs to be used :)

Linda said...

Those are so pretty and look so soft too. I haven't spun in a couple of weeks, I've been knitting lots though.