Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day parades

We had quite a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, starting quietly and then ending with friends and activity. Our morning on Monday, Memorial Day, started early as we met up with some members of our reenacting group for the Hanover, PA Memorial Parade. Our "brother" unit is based up there and the head of that unit is quite involved with civic affairs so we marched to support their unit and their town. This is a cropped shot of my favorite guy.
There were very few of our members that were able to show up for the parade, some had illness issues and some had family issues. It's too bad because it was really nice. The core group was here and they marched in front with another Southern unit, and with the 16th PA. My dear friend Linda has a painful ankle right now so even though I dressed in CW attire, I opted to sit on the sidelines with her and watch the parade. It was wonderful and we both really enjoyed it. It was an absolute slice of small town Americana.
This is a shot of our guys with our "Brother" unit behind us. We have an event in 2 weeks in Pennsylvania and the 16th PA Volunteers will be there skirmishing along with our group, we're the Maryland 1st Cavalry, CSA. The two groups have fun together teaching living history and we're all friends.
After Mark and I left Hanover, we went to Gettysburg and met up with friends at O'Rourkes for lunch. We were all dressed for Civil War and waiting for the Gettysburg parade to start. We enjoy our friends in G'burg and we're so close (right down the road) that we're considered as locals, especially with me being up there working a day a week for the Park Service. We also ran into another friend from my sewing classes and chatted for awhile before the parade.
The parade was fantastic with lots of veterans honored, and reenactors from every war from the Revolution through Viet Nam represented. There were historic vehicles with appropriately dressed soldiers (male and female representatives of all branches of the military) as well as modern ACU's, Marching bands, a few floats, and I was lucky enough to have joined up again with my friend that knew everyone from town so I had a running commentary on who everyone was. She's on the chamber of commerce and so she knows who everyone is. Then after the parade was over, we gathered again for some much needed water and other food and drink. It was a very nice day, though hot to be in 7 layers of cotton and a corset. lol. And the guys were in wool all day but as us reenactors know, natural fibers are the best.

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