Sunday, May 17, 2009

The girls, the sock, and spring flowers

After 9 days of straight rain, we finally had some sunny days. Being the lover of sunbeams that Gracie is, I caught her here taking a nice nap right in the sun on the window ledge. The cat pad is on a drawer unit in my office, and it's a favorite of all the cats on a sunny day, but Grace was first to it that day.
This is a picture of one of Aidan's socks. Aidan and Jenn must have left it behind when they were here in April, and all of a sudden it appeared in the hallway between our bedroom and the bathroom. I figured that one of the cats (probably Rosie) had been carrying it around because it smelled of Aidan so I left it there for her. For a couple of days it appeared in various places including the living room and the basement, and it disappeared from time to time as well. Here it is on the blanket at the end of our bed that the kittens enjoy sleeping on. Ever since I took the picture, the sock has been missing, I'm sure that Rosie took it somewhere safe that she has stashed other items that we've been looking for.
And here's the lovable thief now, viewing life from the top of my chest of drawers. I'm not absolutely convinced that she's the only one that takes things, since I've not seen her with the sock in her mouth, I suppose it could be either of the girls. I finished a sock the other day and left it on the table in the living room while we went out and it ended up being moved too. :) I have a feeling that Rosie has a big stash behind the TV center because we can't get back there and the younger cats can.
Here's a shot of Belle on the bed. She has been underfoot a lot lately, following us from room to room. Rosie prefersto lie on the sheets and not on the quilt, she's far better trained in terms of not stressing the seams or the fabric by sitting or lying on the quilt.
We did some work in the garden last weekend and this week we are enjoying the beautiful blooms of our Iris gardens. As I've mentioned, I buy my Iris plants from a lovely lady that runs which is on the web and ships if you might be interested. The plants have really done well where they're planted and they're beginning to bloom. I have quite a collection of different varieties, and I've decided to let them go another year and hopefully spread out a bit before enlarging the garden any to plant more. I wanted to get a good feel for what colors I want to add to the existing collection.
This shot is to the other direction showing the blooms in the garden. I do so enjoy the plants and the early spring blooms. All the rain we had this season as well as the strange warm winter helped everything really look nice this year. We had a lot of rain yesterday and are expecting more today so they'll probably get soaked again. My herbs and lettuce are doing well on the back deck too. :)

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