Thursday, May 21, 2009

Knitterly Things

I've actually been doing a bit of knitting these days despite being back to flying a full schedule. I finished one of each pairs of socks I've been actively working on. It's hard for me to work on more than one thing at the same time but this one (Central Air pattern) is hard to work on unless I'm able to concentrate on the pattern which doesn't happen much at work. This has been the home project lately. I've always been a process rather than a progress knitter, enjoying doing the project even if I don't always finish. But lately, with putting my projects up on my Ravelry Page and looking at all the great projects out there I'd like to do, I'm feeling internal pressure to pick up and finish some of my long dormant ones.
This one is called Cedar Creek and it's much easier to work on for just a row here or there so I've been taking it to work. The second one of this pair is about an inch from starting the heel. I've picked up a project that was in hibernation, a plain seed stitch scarf that was on top of the TV cabinet for a couple of months. It's too big to take with me to work now but it's really close to being done so I'm going to get it done and off the needles. I have lots of great projects in my queue so I always want to enjoy knitting as much as I can. I should have another Socks that Rock kit on it's way, so I feel like I want to get these two pairs done and off the needles!

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