Monday, March 23, 2009

Why does everything I do take me so long?

I really was trying not to get sidetracked, but you know how that goes in crafting and sewing rooms. I was cleaning up my sewing room which is also the dumping ground for many things including my Civil War stuff. I have bins of drawers that I was putting things away in when I opened this one up and to my suprise found nearly a whole drawer of sock yarn! There are a couple of other things besides sock weight in the bottom, but it's all yarn. I thought all my sock yarn was in the dresser in my office, so I had to go check in the office and see if I had room to consolodate and move. No on that. I really need to get the circular sock machine moving so I can work through some of this yarn quicker than I could do by hand.
I came back into the sewing room to see Rosie here pulling a pin out of my pin cushion on my table and trying to carry it away. I use the big headed quilting pins to sew with because they're easier to handle and see, but the cats also are fascinated by them. After I grabbed Rose up and checked her mouth to make sure she hadn't grabbed another one with intent to swallow it, she decided to go sleep in one of my boxes of quilting pieces up on the shelf by where I was trying to work. She's my acrobat.
Gracie on the other hand, was happy to lie in the sunbeam on the end of my sewing cabinet. The serger is at the repair shop right now, it usually sits down at that end of the cabinet, so Gracie was very happy to have a nice big spot to lie. She doesn't seem to share the fascination that the kittens have with pins and scissors and thread, being the mature older woman that she is.
This is mother's little helper. The moment Belle even sees fabric she starts purring because she so loves lying right in the middle of it all. Of course, cutting out a pattern is unbelievably difficult. I got the one side of my bodice cut out and then was matching the fabric to cut out the other, and she decided to lie right in the middle of the pattern and try to pull out my pins. Sigh. I do love them, but they make it a little more difficult to get things done. I have to keep lifting her off the fabric and moving her. I know I could close them out of the room, but they are so funny to watch that I deal with things. It's the cutting stage that's the most difficult, followed second by putting the pleats together for the skirt while they try to hide in the fabric. lol. Wish me luck, I have the back still to cut out as well as the sleeves (as soon as I decided what I'm going to do).

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