Thursday, March 12, 2009

BAAA, redeaux

I just couldn't resist sharing this very sweet scene with you that my daughter photographed and posted for me. I frequently send packages to her with various things inside, and since she knew what was going to be in this one (well, at least a few things) she let Aidan help with the unpacking. Remember that Aidan's Great Grandmother and Grandfather (Nanny and Poppa) brought him a soft stuffed sheep from Ireland when they went to visit, and he absolutely loves it and was carrying it around with him constantly. Since then he's been learning more animal sounds, but BAAAA seems to be one of his favorites. Here is the little guy starting to open the box.

Jenn shared that "Shawn the Sheep" the star of some 5 minute short videos come on there and Aidan really loves them. Shawn is part of the animal friends of Wallace and Grommit (google that if you're not familiar. lol) That triggered the memory that when I'd started my yarn and fiber business I'd collected a bunch of sheep related things. One of the Ebay finds I'd made was a "Shawn the Sheep" backpack that I'd gotten from a lady in the UK for relatively nothing before Wallace and Grommit's last movie came out. It had been hanging on the wall in my office pretty much forgotten, so I thought Aidan would enjoy it. I told my daughter I'd put it in the box with some other things I was sending. I'd put Shawn right on top in the box so that Aidan could find him quickly.

As you can see, he does find the Shawn the sheep quickly and pulls it out of the box, saying "BAAAA" the whole time! These pictures made my day! Thanks for the cute shots go to my daughter, as well as thanks for the cute grandson to her and her husband. :)

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Jody said...

He sure is a son is only 21 and single so I will have to wait a while to have grandkids.