Saturday, March 14, 2009

Looking up

Everything has a season, and boy am I ready for spring to be here! Last weekend's wonderful warm weather gave way to my Crocus friends poking their heads above the cold ground, but I was not fooled, I knew they were just teasing me. It isn't time yet for it to be spring, and by waiting we'll all be so much more appreciative when it get here. This is one of the Iris varieties that's waiting for spring out in my garden. I'm envisioning a few new friends for it from the Plant Faire in May.

I'm now knitting a pair of beautiful green socks with a leaf pattern right down the middle front of the sock. They were last year's March installment of the Socks that Rock club which I ordered just this year (and for about half the cost) and the pattern and yarn arrived prior to our going off to the 1860's conference. Of course, I came home sick from that, so they sat idly by while I got better. Now I'm feeling better, and I am over half way done with the first one, it's an easy and fast project. I hope to have the pair done in the vicinity of St. Patrick's Day to enjoy. This year's March package should be winging it's way to all of us impatient rockin sock knitters club members very soon. I did finish one sock this week, the blue "wheat" pattern, now I have to cast on the second. That will have to wait until the green leaves are finished.

I'm excited at the spring's season of growth and rebirth to let go of negatives in my life, to clear out the bad, bring in the good, and continue to cherish what is important. I was just thinking last weekend (prior to getting the flu again) how nice it is to have such wonderful friends, lots of opportunities in our lives, to have the perfect partner that enjoys so many of the same things as I do, and to have a wonderful family, both 2 legged and 4 legged. I have a job that many would love to have, and good people that I work with too. I'm thankful for all the good things.

I am hoping to get some clean up and home improvement projects started (and finished!) this spring. My place out of state has just been completely redone inside, and looks absolutely brand new, it's stunning and inspiring! We have some good people moving in very shortly, and they're wowed with the update as well. I'm imagining room by room here in my resident state being redone, it might take me awhile but it's making me smile to think about fresh paint, fresh ideas, and a fresh start. Now to tackle working through my various stashes of fibery and fabric finery. :) (My stash, roughly translated.) And I can't wait to get to start working in the garden again!


Vee said...

I'm ready for Spring too and I miss you! :-) We must plan a spin-in, knit-in, or something so we can catch up. I've been doing everything except spinning and knitting so I need you to throw a bit of wooly inspiration my way :-)

Jody said...

Unfortunately we still have some snow on the ground here in Ontario but the sun is shining!