Friday, November 30, 2007

And the stash grows

I'm still on Oahu with Jenn and Aidan and today I decided to venture out on my own towards town and go to a monster fabric store. I think I've found where the rainbows that Hawaii is so famous for end, in the Fabric Mart. Although I only bought Hawaiian prints for some clothing and perhaps quilts, they had a lot of really neat things, it was nearly overwhelming. I actually was able to aquire stash and get back to Jenn's before it was time for me to cook her and I some lunch so it was a great day all around. Here's a picture from a couple of days ago of Jenn and Aidan...I dropped my camera and had to replace it...if the weather tomorrow is bright I should be able to take some new ones. It's been rainy and dreary the past couple of days.

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