Saturday, December 01, 2007

Finally finished the sundress on Aidan's 2 week birthday

I finally finished the sundress that I'd started on Monday (I think) so it's ready to iron and wear. I got the fabric at the Walmart in the next town (Millilani) but I could only work on it when Aidan wasn't in his bed, the machine is in a huge closet space that's right near his room and I didn't want to wake him up. I might just make up another one...I like the sleeves in it for going places that are air conditioned, my shoulders always get chilly in sleeveless sundresses. I guess putting some shoes on would dress it up too.

Today is the two week anniversary of Aidan's birth on November 17th. He's getting more comfortable being out in the world now, and as you can see he's a very long baby, tall like his Mom and Dad. He's really beginning to look around at the world and is very aware when he's awake. I am personally kind of partial but I think he's one handsome young man! :)

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Fiber Ninja said...

Who needs to dress up a sundress when you're in Hawaii? Be comfy and stay barefoot! Miss you and can't wait 'til you're state-side soon.