Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sand and more sand

I'm just beginning to get the sand out of my scalp and ears and nose. We went to the beach at Waimea bay and the shore break was so powerful it pulled me under and I got definitely sand blasted before I could get out. Still it was a fun day with still pregnant Jen and Mark. We hit another beach first, but it was too rocky to swim in, Mark did snorkel and saw puffer fish and got a bunch of shells for Jen's collection. We also went to the old sugar cane plant where we found some beautiful sarongs and some really nice hand made soaps. We ended the outing with Matsumoto's Shave ice and then to the Dole plantation where we got some food and enjoyed the gardens. The first picture up here is Jen's very own backyard view of the mountains. (I'm posting on which sends a copy to blogger, so the pictures don't always come up in the same order on blogger), the second is us at the beach. I was beginning to have too much sun on my legs so I threw my sarong over my legs. This was right before I went back in the water and got tossed in the sand and waves. The next 2 were the view to the Right and then the Left of where we were sitting on the beach, and the last one is us at the dole plantation on the way back home. And though she's tried everything that everyone has suggested from Chili to Castor Oil, Jen is still pregnant. We've taken her out walking too...he's just not ready to come out!

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