Saturday, November 03, 2007

Nothing like a bit of retail therapy

It's been stressful, I admit. Trying to get the business things done while trying to clean, organize, pack for the trip, do laundry and the things that make the household run. And then we have the friend things to do as we went to a church fund raiser for friends of ours. And lo and behold, I figure out that I don't have any dress pants for our thanksgiving dinner and picture taking the next day so off we go for some retail therapy. I didn't feel like trying on clothes, I hate it. I'm not a mall person, and I've reduced my clothes buying for fairly dressy stuff to one store and one store only. I said I wanted to go home and then would make due with what's in the closet, wear a skirt or something like that. But my hubby who is very understanding took me to my favorite (and not the closest) Chicos and as I walked in, he settled down in one of the cozy "husband" chairs. My favorite "helper" there was in today and she saw me and immediately got started with putting together outfits and getting things for me to try on. Thank goodness. I need adult Garanimals, that's why I shop at this place, all the colors match every season making it very easy to work with everything, and the salesclerk helped me put together enough outfits to be in good shape for all the traveling that I have coming up as well as our family events over the holidays. I have enough coordinating items at home that go with what I bought to make even more outfits and I am feeling great about everything. I think that's going to go well with the case of wine that I bought at the wine discount store today to refill my sadly depleated wine rack. Hmmmm....perhaps a glass of Malbec is in order for tonight, or maybe a nice Pinot Noir? Or should I have a beer? I do have some Grasshoppers in the fridge...maybe some Sleimans...hmmmmm....decisions, decisions, decisions. I might have to leave for my daughter's at any moment...I guess it's time to stop typing and get going putting things away and to pack for the trip. :) But not until I decide on what refreshment I want

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caillie said...

I wish I could fit into Chico's sizes. I think they are a little small. They do have beautiful stuff! What a sweet hubby!