Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Geesh...another thing to fix

I'm getting together things for the Rememberance day parade and ball in Gettysburg the day after we get back from Hawaii. I just made a cage crinoline 2 weekends ago, and I'd love to wear it with my ball gown (shown here at a camp dance in Hanover, PA in August). However, due to the size of my cage, I don't think the ball gown is long enough in the back to wear...but I'll have to put on all my undergarments and try this and my green ball gown on to see what one works best. This is just another example of how things take way longer than you think they're going to when you're under time pressures. lol I'm trying to get everything packed and ready for all the events that we'll be attending as they are all just one day apart from each other until the end of November. Wish me luck!

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