Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday update

Well, I finally got to see a mongoose up close the other day. Not the one that ran across the road but one that was dining on a stryrofoam container in the bushes by where we parked to go see the Sea Turtles. He was cute but ran away quickly. As for an update on baby, Jenn and I stopped at the Walmart and the Drug store last night so she could get some Evening Primrose Oil...and she's been continuing to try the Castor oil. She is pretty miserable but nothing so far. We went today to do a couple of errands and had lunch at a great place called Cholos, seen above. It was really wierd to eat at a Mexican resteraunt in Oaha while they were showing Snow Boarding on the TV inside. We ate outside where there were chickens walking around under the tables. I had the best fish burrito I'd ever had, made with local Ahi Tuna. YUM! Jenn and I got a few more sundresses at a local shop that has them dirt cheap, and then came back to do things here.

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