Monday, July 30, 2007

Quilt is 1/3 done now

I spent some time today making one more block for the quilt so that I'd have 2 strips of 6 to sew together making up 1/3 of this 6 block by 6 block queen size top. The one I made today is called friendship star and it's a simple 9 patch in which I added a blue fabric to those already used to bring a little bit of the background blue out.
The second is called old maid's puzzle, this is from a group of 3 blocks that I made right before my summer camp started. The background fabric is a new one for this quilt and I'll be using it again to add interest. It's one of my brightest ones with the least amount of contrast to the surrounding sashing.
This is called morning star and it's one of my all time favorites in quilting. It's actually a 9 patch so there is no challenging piecing, it's all an optical illusion as the star points are 2 pieces each.
This is a Maple leaf of some reds and pinks that I have in the stash. So far it's one of my favorites and brings together the reds from other blocks that are already put together. I couldn't get a picture of all 12 blocks sewn into the 2 strips, I'll probably have to wait until the quilt top is done and then figure out how to photograph the whole thing. I will probably take down my sewing area for awhile as Jenni and Michael are due in within 2 days time for a week.

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