Monday, July 16, 2007

Quilt progress

I've been quilting lately. I just am so burned out making dresses and I have no more room in my closet, and I have a lot on my mind and want to sew, so I'm back to quilting. This is a simple "Round the World" quilt that I started last year and I'm finally finished piecing. I put the first row of sashing on the edges and got the next row pieced and ready to apply to the quilt this morning. Hopefully I'll be ready to make the sandwich and get quilting soon.
These squares are from a new quilt that I started last week using Civil War reproduction fabrics. I made this one this morning and it contains fabric from two of my dresses in the block. I've always liked to use fabrics from other things in my quilts, it's like a memory album. This one is called "Card Trick".
This block is called "Jacobs Ladder" though I've seen other names for it as well. This one is pretty subdued to go inbetween the other two blocks. I have to often try to squelch my 21st century color sensabilities and remember that I'm using 17th century fabrics. This type of very calm color combination is more my style, but the others are actually more correct for the Civil War era.
This block is called "Flying Geese" and it's definitely busy! This is more along the lines of most Civil War era quilt blocks, they couldn't be "too" busy during that time. They used whatever fabric that they had left from dressmaking and trading with others in their community, and the more contrast, the brighter the better. I'm not sure yet what I'm making, maybe a crib sized, maybe queen, maybe a table runner...but for now I'm just making blocks and enjoying the process of creation. :)

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