Thursday, July 26, 2007

No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth...

Last weekend and this week, I've been away in Gettysburg at summer camp. This has been so very much fun! I'm taking the sewing summer camp from CarolAnn Schmitt of Genteel Arts Academy in Gettysburg, and this year's camp is all about Civil War era Winter Outerwear. Here's a rare shot of CarolAnn wearing the tiara in class, trust me it's usually one of the students! The tiara is awarded to the "queen of stupid mistakes" when a really stupid mistake is made and is then passed around when the next person earns it. We laugh a lot and enjoy each other and also learn so very much!
This is a shot of the Paletot or period coat that I made. It's black wool with grey threads with a rust colored lining. I trimmed it off with light grey grosgrain ribbon and used period reproduction mother of pearl buttons with self-made frogs for fastening. I built and took apart and rebubilt this coat so many times I lost count. CarolAnn is a wonderful teacher and so patient and helpful...until the fit is finally right and it's ready to be finished.
This is a Marie Stewart hood over my dress form, and shown as a collar. This hood can go over a bonnet for extra warth, and when the hood is pulled back from the head it's a very warm and pretty collar. I made this of eggplant colored wool flannel with a silk like lining that I also used to make the ruching for the outer edges. I finished it off with satin ribbon that added a little brightness to the hood, and attached hand tied bows at the corners and edge. The final step was to sew the ribbon into the inside of the hood for when it's brought down as a collar. I'm hoping to complete a mantle on these two days off from camp that will be shown on later blog entries, and there are two other projects still to be made this weekend in camp.

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