Sunday, July 29, 2007

The end of summer sewing camp 2007

Summer Sewing camp at the Genteel Arts Academy in Gettysburg came to a close today after 9 days of friendship, fun, learning, and creating this year's topic garments; Winter Outerwear. You already saw the items from the first 3 days, here is the short mantle that I was finishing as homework on my days off from classes this week. The mantle is made from royal blue cotton velveteen with a yellow plaid silk lining that I continued onto the edge binding. I used period wooden buttons and a frog closure made of soutache braid. I haven't decided yet if it needs anything else, I might add more trim. This unusual garment is a sontag or bossom buddy that is made of wool flannel with cotton broadcloth as lining, however, as in the original in a museum in New York, the lining was quilted with wool batting attaching the batt to the lining for extra warmth. It's bound in the same wool flannel, and fastens with 2 period tin buttons in the back with ties from the back to the front. Most sontags seen were knitted or crocheted, but though this one had some fitting challenges, it promises to be much warmer than the yarn sontags, of which I own a couple. The last project I made in the class is the fold over shawl which is modeled on a period original. Notice how the patterned border is right side up on both triangles? It took Karen's clever pattern drafting and study of the original to come up with the technique that we used. I used grey wool in a large 62" square along with "Civil War Anthem" reproduction fabric for my shawl. As was the style during the early war years, it's a large and cozy shawl. I really enjoyed the summer camp and I've already asked Carolann (the owner of Genteel Arts and teacher of the classes) to sign me up for whatever she's teaching in 2008! Next month is the dinner/evening bodice class, I can't wait. Now on to the next project: Photographing the 3 quilt blocks I made prior to camp beginning, to make one more and to sew the 2 strips together that are made, bringing me to 1/3 of the quilt top.

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