Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thank you!

Mark and I want to say thank you to Jenn and Michael for their hospitality while we were out visiting. They took us all over the place and I'm sure that it was tiring for them as well as with Jenn being 5 and a half months pregnant. We really enjoyed them and the time we spent with them and we wanted to make sure that they know how much we appreciated everything!
We especially appreciated their sharing the parks with us and the cave, and taking the time to go to the same parks they'd already been to again with us. This is them in the cave at Carlsbad Caverns. They also shared their dogs with us...which was great for both us and the dogs! :)
The day before we left to return home, Jenn and Michael took us around town and took us to put flowers on Mark's older sister's grave at Fort Bliss. This is Jenn helping arrange the flowers that Mark picked out. We're also very happy to report that the kids are planning on coming up to Maryland before they go to Hawaii next month! We can't wait to see them again and feel very lucky that we'll get to see them twice in a month or so's time. Thank you again, Jenn and Michael! :) Love you both, Momy and Mark

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